The word ‘Custom club’ has become a buzzing phrase in the golf world recently. Though playing with a custom golf club might not be strange to pro golfers, you might need a detailed guide to get how it works if you are a beginner. 

And that’s what you will learn in this article. 

This detailed guide provides insight into a few critical questions you might want to ask regarding a custom golf club. So, are you ready for the ride? Let’s get to the root.

Starting from the start, you must know that playing with custom-tailored equipment can bring a massive improvement to your game. That is not negotiable. Of course, buying a new golf club from a golf store can change your game, but you might not get the best result unless you get a custom-made gold club. 

Now, let’s take this simple analogy for better understanding. 

If you choose between a random suit on the rack or the one that is custom-tailored to your precise body measurement, which one would you instead pick? I guess for the one that best suits your exact body measurement. 

And, the same goes for golf clubs. 

Regardless of your level of skills, playing with a custom golf club personalized to your unique specifications will maximize your performance on the course. 

So, what is a custom club?

Simply put, custom golf clubs are tailor-made clubs specially designed to fit the exact measurement of a golfer. A custom golf club is not something another golfer can pick to play. It has been matched precisely to the owner’s style, body structure, and measurement. 

Meanwhile, custom golf clubs are not only for professionals. Any golfer who desires to improve his or her game on the course needs a custom club. They are a good idea for beginners, pros, juniors, middle age, and older golfers. visit to know about top 10 best golfer player in the world.

How do you get a custom golf club?

As earlier stated, a custom golf club is not something you find in a random golf store. If you need one, you can head straight to a True Spec location and discuss it with a pro club fitter. You need to know that you would have to go through a series of tests and simulations. Furthermore, the club fitter needs to collect and analyze some necessary personal data to determine the ideal golf club that will fit your game. 

The information and data gathered from a high-speed camera or doppler radar system will help you identify the perfect head and shaft combination required to optimize your game.

After the True Spec fitting process, the professional club fitter will recommend a club that best suits you and your game. True Spec involves carrying top-rated golf clubs and shafts from different top brands using an advanced club fitting matrix. This matrix stocks over 30 000 combinations of heads and shafts to meet golfers’ specific needs. Through that, True Spec can find the perfect golf club that improves consistency, distance, and ball flight.

What gets measure in golf club fitting?

When you step into a fitting location, the professional club fitter would measure several variables to ensure that you get the right custom club. These variables may include:

  • Length: Getting the right size will put you in the correct position to make the best swings repeatedly.
  • Lie angle: getting the right lien angle is key to getting consistent results on the course, especially when using your irons. 
  • Shaft: Your fitter would find the right weight and flex, which will help your shaft add distance, accuracy, and consistency to your shots. Flexes include stiff, extra stiff, regular, ladies, and senior.
  • Grip: The correct grip will always boil down to personal preference. Yet, remember that the size of your grip affects your control of the club and pressure. Also, you should note that the weather in which play matters. 

What can a custom golf club do for you?

Regardless of age and skill level, every player will experience numerous benefits from a custom golf club fitting. How do I mean? Club fitting involves removing negative variables that affect your game. These variables may include wrong length, weight, shaft flex, grip, or other golf club factors. Now, removing those negative variables will enable you to concentrate on improving other aspects of your game, such as swing management, control, and flexibility.

When you are playing with a custom golf club built correctly for you, you already know that what you receive is what you hit in your fitting. 

Since custom golf clubs can perfectly fit your body type and swing style accurately, they will change your game. Golf club fitting can help solve a multitude of issues caused by off-the-rack equipment. It is a short, simple, and fun process of getting the best out of your game. Without much ado, let’s get to know how your game can improve using custom golf clubs in bullet points. click here to learn more about custom golf clubs.

  • If you are a beginner, playing with a custom club that perfectly fits your swing and body framework enables you to practice and play more in your style. You will agree with me that the peculiarity of a golfer’s style of play is one of the things that makes a golfer more relevant on the course.
  • If you are intermediate, playing with a custom golf club will also change your game. Though, since you have gone beyond the beginner level, you might have gained more experience. Yet, a custom club will help you maximize your tolls on the course. For instance, pairing your swing with the correct club will help you fill the gaps and avoid poor shots. Incredible, isn’t it? Yes. It will help you bring out your real potentials.
  • If you are at the advanced level, playing with a custom golf club will also benefit your game. Though you might have mastered your craft on the course yet, a custom golf club will give more control and accuracy. That way, you will determine what shots you want and how far you want it to go.


 Playing with a custom club fitted perfectly to your swing and body measurement will provide everything you need. Make your findings; you will discover that those top-rated golfers you see making magic on the course do not play with a random club off the rack. Their clubs are custom-fitted.

Remember that every golfer is different. Hence, it’s good to get a custom-tailored club that fits you to play the best of your game.